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elcome to our website, we aim to help you choose the best suited fire pit table for your needs, so you can enjoy the ideal outdoor heating or cooking experience. We will give you the advice, recommendations and unbiased firepit table reviews so you know what are the best products to buy, whilst saving you money, and ultimately giving you the outside space you have always dreamt about.

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I would guess that the reason you have landed on our website is that you are either researching what is the best firepit table to buy in your budget, or you have already made a decision to buy, so you’re now just looking for the best deals and cheapest price. With this in mind, if you have already done the research then you can go directly to our ‘Insightful Product Reviews’ category, or you can view the latest Blue Rhino GAD860SP monthly best buy review.

Choosing the best table fire pit for you

When it comes to choosing your outdoor fire pit table and chairs you may at first think that you are spoilt for choice and there are certainly a large number of Manufacturer/Brands and a number of fuel options to choose from. However, and in our opinion, there are a select few products that really stand out from the crowd in this marketplace. Please continue to read and we can guide you through the available options and also give you our buying advice along with our own standout product shortlist.

(Option 1) Liquid Petroleum [LP] Gas Fire Table:

Blue Rhino GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Slate Marble Mantel SmallHaving a gas fire pit table over a more traditional wood fuelled one is more of a convenience choice than anything else. You must consider the local availability of gas canisters over a ready supply of logs and also that gas is a commodity that varies in price from year to year.

Moreover, a propane fire pit table does have the added advantage of being clean and can be quickly turned on and off at a moment’s notice.

It is worth saying that liquid petroleum gas is often referred to as LP, LPG, butane and propane and they are similar in most respects and you should be aware that it is flammable. However, don’t let this put you off as owning a propane fire table is safe as long as you follow the supplied manufacturers safety instructions.

(Option 2) Traditional Wood Burning Table:

Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Fire Pit with TableIf, like many people, you want the more traditional option of a wood burning fire pit table then it should go without saying that you will need a ready supply of small logs to use. Also, like a standard barbeque, there will be an element of cleaning that is required after you use your table and this downside is generally what sways people towards the gas fire table alternative.

I must admit, putting the cleaning to one side, wood is a clean and friendly fuel and especially if you are green conscious then the option of a wood fire pit table is very attractive and also generally slightly less expensive in the initial outlay cost, you can take a look at the Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Fire Pit with Table Review for a good example of a this type of table.

General considerations to buying decision

With the Gas fuelled tables you will find that the power of the gas output varies enormously and you should look out for the BTU rating of the appliance which gives you the indication of the power output of the unit. Additionally, the gas fire pit table will be designed for use with a specific use of propane or butane canister, traditionally it would use a 20 pound cylinder, but some cheaper firepit tables will use a small cylinder which will empty quickly and will cost you more over long term usage.

It is very important, when you are choosing the best table with fire pit to suit your needs, you should be careful to measure out the area where you intend to position it and then make sure you have enough spare room to cater for the number of guests you will have gathering around the table at any one time.

Owning a patio firepit table is becoming increasingly popular

In recent years we have seen a continuing trend amongst homeowners for fire pit ownership both with patio tables, fireplaces, portable gas fire pit, and in-ground product types. Many people really enjoy the flexibility of being able to use their outdoor space in the colder months, or chilly days in spring, or late summer evenings, for eating or gathering with friends.

I really do believe that the home design trend has impacted on the patio fire pit table market and people really want a stylish outdoor piece of furniture that can fit in a small space but offers them more than a traditional patio table or fire bowl dug into the ground could offer in terms of being user friendly for heating and cooking functions.

Should you buy a fire pit table set?

When considering your purchase you should also check out the options of a complete fire pit table set which can include the chairs, cover and accessories. Many times you will get a great deal on a complete patio table with fire pit including the chairs which will be designed specifically for a tabletop fire pit, both in height, and in design so you won’t be left scratching your head when it comes to finding the matching chairs.

If you decide to purchase an individual table it goes without saying that when you choose firepit table chairs that you should measure the height from ground to table top of your unit and make sure you buy the correct size chairs and suited style for your firepit table.

Having a fire pit table cover is also very important for protecting your table against the harsh weather in winter and as a cover will certainly make your unit last longer and you will get more pleasure and enjoyment out of something that still retains it’s good looks and style for longer. You should also consider, when buying your fire pit table set, the inclusion of a good cover and generally they are fairly low cost items but an essential component in any purchase.

The luxury of a fire pit coffee table

Want to just impress your friends or simply be able to relax outside with your indulgent cup of coffee any time of year then a fire pit coffee table is your answer.

Similar to a standard outdoor fire table you could look at this coffee table option which is becoming increasingly popular amongst people wanting to extend their outside patio functionality but with a more compact unit.

The outdoor firepit table is a piece of furniture adding style to any home

With a firepit table you can add a true sense of style, glamour and increased functionality to your home. An outdoor fire pit table will add a warm and inviting glow to your entertaining area and they give a really nice focal point on your patio or in your garden and backyard.

You can now choose attractive but useful exterior furniture to suit your home style, there are many attractive firepit tables available, and they will truly make your backyard patio area be part of the house.

There could not really be anything much better than having the ability to relax in the backyard, eat a meal, and be warmed by an open fire. Your friends will want to come round to chill out and heat their hands whilst enjoying your company and additionally in the hotter months you can still enjoy attractive furniture and use the fire bowl for drinks and snacks.

Before I let you go to hopefully navigate further, I wanted to let you know my inspiration for setting up this website and why I wanted something on the ‘InterWeb’ that was factual and informative. So, I love my small garden and patio space but wanted to add an area that I could keep warm for entertaining friends and family and after discarding a standard patio heater option I decided that a fire pit table would best suit my limited space requirement. There was no real in-depth information available online so after researching and buying I wanted to offer useful information to others, and that is where we are today.

Please enjoy this fire pit table website and check back for regular updates over the coming months.

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