How To Buy a Cheap Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table Online

Propane Fire Pit Table - Uniflame GAD1380SP If you want a piece of furniture to enhance your outdoor lifestyle and give you a superior dining experience then a propane fire pit table is a popular choice for many people. It will add style to any yard or patio and gives you fantastic flexibility for outside entertaining even on chilly evenings when normally you would have to go inside or pull out those big woolly jumpers.

Today, owning a fire pit table is becoming increasingly popular and you have a good range and options to look at. Many outdoor furniture companies are adding fire pit tables as an option to their product ranges and the competition for sales in this relatively new market means that prices are still low and therefore you can grab yourself a bargain.

Opting for a propane fire pit table

Maybe you are not sure what type of fire pit table you want or you are undecided whether you should go with a traditional wood fuelled or gas powered table. In our opinion the choice of wood over gas is really a personal taste, some people want to stay with the green energy ethos of wood, whilst others look for ease of use and they tend to opt for a propane fire pit table which means less cleaning and quick on/off functionality.

I should make clear that when you look through product advertisements for a gas fire pit table then you will see LP, LPG, butane and propane options, a little confusing perhaps but all fuel types are readily available from most gas stations, and/or hardware shops.

However, a propane outdoor fire pit table really does give you the best of all worlds as far as being very easy to operate; it is very similar to owning a gas cooker or heater with automated ignition. You simply press a button and the burner will light and you have instant power and heat which is really good if you have unexpected visitors or you just have an urge to go quickly sit outside at your fire pit table with a drink on an evening.

If you own a wood fueled fire pit table there is a little more planning and after use cleaning activity required. Having a supply of logs and fire lighters is a necessity and if you have a whole night entertaining ahead of you then you will have to maintain the logs throughout the evening or period of use. Also, when your fire pit has burned out there is a routine of cleaning required, to brush away the left over ashes and make good your fire pit table for the next time you use it.

Choosing a style of outdoor propane fire pit table for your needs

There are many styles available, at many budgets, and also in traditional iron materials, modern, contemporary and it can be somewhat bewildering to narrow down the choice for your outdoor requirements.

It is very important to make sure that you take into account your seating requirement; the number of guests you will have around the propane fire pit table at any one time and measure accurately the exact placement of the table from manufacturer specifications.

It goes without saying that if you have a modern or contemporary style in the house, or you have developed a modernistic outdoor environment then you will be looking at fire pit tables that have a matching style. I really like solid wood built tables that have the look of boat decking boards with a spruce or oak stain as these fit extremely easily and look fantastic within a modern setting.

Maybe, you have a cottage themed garden or yard and a rustic styled wrought iron material fire pit table base is much better suited to your space.

You could also consider buying an outdoor propane fire pit table and chairs set which will give you matching furniture, and often will come supplied with a weather-proof cover and accessories – a good price or deal can often be secured on propane fire pit table sets as opposed to buying them separately.

You should research all the available options and to help you further you can also take a look at our additional fit pit table articles for more information, or even this Wikipedia article on fire pits is a good read.

Gas fire pit table safety

This is something you should not overlook and you should take seriously that gas does need to be handled with care and kept away from small children that have a fascination with anything that burns.

I have two small children and although all newly supplied propane fire pit tables are tested rigorously for gas safety you should take steps to lock away securely any additional gas cylinders and make sure the place they are left is also free from fire hazards.

There is a really great variety of options available in style and price for firepit tables. However, I would strongly suggest that, as mentioned earlier in this article you look at the ease of use of a propane fire pit table as opposed to that of its natural wood burning counterpart.

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