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Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

Landmann Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace (USA 28925):

First Look

This rather unique outside fireplace is aptly named the Landmann ‘Ball of Fire’ and it will give you the warmth and light you need on your patio area. This Landmann product is a great choice if you are looking for a safe and aesthetically pleasing outdoor fireplace. You will need to study the assembly instructions carefully as it comprises a number of pieces and fixings, having said that once you have fixed it together it looks great and is also very strong and sturdy.

The spherical enclosure of this fireplace allows you to build a nice size fire with logs or coal and the design is inherently safe and ensures that you do not get escaping sparks or embers which could otherwise burn you and your clothing. The general design of this Landmann Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace is very good and once you are in the dark of the night’s sky then the fire really shows in all its glory.

This outside fireplace is a great alternative to a standard fire pit as it is easy to use and clean. It is very well made and manufactured from steel giving it a strong and durable nature, it is advisable that you keep this unit dry and try to clean it after most uses (there is a cover supplied).

This unique sphere fireplace offers a unique 360 degree view of your burning fire and it throws out plenty of heat for warming a party of friends or family whilst sitting around this very eye catching piece of patio furniture.

The Landmann Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace has a sturdy and safe large door handle giving you access to loading your logs, or stoking them during operating, and good access for cleaning the fireplace after use.

The dimensions of this unit are: 30.25” (W) x 32×75” (H) x 34.75” (D)

In Conclusion:

We were very pleased to see that Landmann have made a good quality product from strong materials and it is very safe to use. You will get plenty of hours of fun, warmth and usage from this ‘Ball of Fire’ Outdoor Fireplace – great product with 4.3 starts, only the medium assembly time-frame stopped with from getting a full 5 star rating.

Landmann Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace Features:

  • This Outdoor fireplace has a spherical spark screen
  • 360-degree view area of the fire
  • Has a large pivot door and handle for easy fuel filling
  • Has a Sturdy construction (Steel) and 30-inch-diameter firebowl
  • Dimensions: 30-1/4 by 32-3/4 by 34-3/4 inches
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Light up and warm up the next outdoor gathering with Landmann’s unique Ball of Fire outdoor fireplace. When filled with flame at night, this spherical fireplace looks like a fireball floating in midair. Offering a 360-degree view of the flame; the unit measures 30.25 by 32.75 by 34.75 inches for plenty of warmth on decks, patios, pools and more. A large pivoting door with an extra large handle means easy access when it’s time to stoke the logs or refuel. All-steel construction ensures optimal durability and support.

Landmann offers a large selection of grills, grates, fireplaces and smokers, as well as firewood storage racks and fire starter (also available at Amazon.com) for easier, cleaner burning with less ash.

Review Overview

Ease Of Use
Ease Of Assembly

Best Buy

Summary : The Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace is a great product and it is offered at a competitive price.


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